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Renal Angioplasty

Renal angiography is a procedure used to manage the condition called renal artery stenosis or narrowing of the renal artery. When the blood vessels of the kidney become narrow or clogged due to build-up of plaque or blockages or due to diseases such as atherosclerosis, it could result in renovascular hypertension and also kidney failure. To avoid this, doctors use renal angiography to unclog the arteries and insert a stent that shall help these blood vessels remain open.
During the procedure, local anaesthesia is administered. A catheter is inserted into the body and guided to the narrowed renal artery. The inside of the artery is opened up with the help of a balloon and a stent is then placed to keep the artery open. Patients are often directed to monitor their kidney health and have blood thinners if need be.