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  • Bachelor of Dental Sciences - SB Patil Dental College & Hospital, Bidar, Karnataka (1999-2003)
  • Master of Dental Sciences - Sri Sai College of Dental Surgery, Vikarabad, Telangana (2008-2011)

Past Positions

  • Consultant – AP superspeciality Dental Hospitals, Hyderabad (2005)
  • Consultant – FMS Dental Hospitals Hyderabad (2005-2007)
  • Senior Lecturer - Panineeya Mahavidhyalaya Institute of Dental Sciences and Research Centre (2011-2015)
  • Associate Professor – Panineeya Mahavidhyalaya Institute of Dental Sciences and Research Centre (2015 onwards)
  • Director DMK Dental, Secunderabad


  • Masters in Oral medicine & Radiology,
  • Pain and Palliative care course from MNJ cancer institute, Hyderabad
  • CBCT course from PMVIDS, Hyderabad


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  • Marble bone disease with recurrent oral infections – A case report. Journal of Dental Science and Research. 2010;Vol 1(1):48-51
  • En Coup De Sabre of the cheek – A case report and literature review. International Journal of Oral medical sciences.2010;9(2):148-153.(Category 1)
  • Stem cells: blooming buds in dentistry – A review. Journal of Dental Science and Research. 2010:59-63
  • A case report of the dental management of a patient with sotos syndrome. Journal of Disability and Oral Health (British society for disability and Oral health).2011;12(3):128-132.(Category 1)
  • Comparative study of direct digital and conventional intraoral bitewing radiographs in detecting alveolar bone loss. Journal of Oral Health Research. 2011
  • A mixed neoplasm of intraosseous hemangioma with an ameloblastoma: a case of collision tumor or a rare variant? . Clinics and Practice. 2012;2(5):9-11
  • Unusual occurance of Paramolar tubercle on deciduous upper first molar – report of two cases and literature review. International journal of oral medical sciences. 2012;11(1):54-56.( Category 1)
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  • Gene therapy: the use of DNA as a drug. International journal of contemporary dental surgery .2013;1(1):50-55(1st author)
  • Role of dentist in mass disasters. Journal of Nepal Medical Association. 2014(Category 1)
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  • Avadh Univaersity(Category 1
  • Analysis of the rate of maturogenesis of a traumatized Cvek's stage 3 anterior tooth treated with platelet rich fibrin as a regenerative tool using 3D CBCT: An original case report. 2015 ( Accepted for publication)(Category 1)

Research Presentation

  • Paper on advanced dental imageology at National level conference
  • Paper on Gene therapy and its implications in dentistry at National level conference
  • Paper on Oral indicators of Osteoporosis at National level conference
  • Guest lecture of ‘How to write a dissertation’ in Kamineni institute of dental sciences, Narketpally
  • Guest lecture on TMJ Imging in PMVIDS Hyderabad.


  • Member of Indian Academy of Oral Medicine & Radiology (IAOMR)
  • Member of Indian Dental Association (IDA)

Award and Recognition

  • Scholarship for topper in BDS (Sept. 2003)
  • IAOMR award and certificate for securing highest marks in specialty of Oral Medicine (Sept. 2003)
  • Gold Medal from SSCDS for University topper in MDS (April 2011)
  • Silver medal from NTR University for specialty topper in MDS (May 2011)
  • Assistant and Associate editor to specialty journal of Indian Academy of Oral Medicine and Radiology (2014-2018)
  • Executive committee member of the Indian Academy of Oral medicine and Radiology (2015)