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Doctor Interviews

What our Doctors are saying

No Virus Diwali | Rejoice Diwali with Smile without Virus

Dr. Navodaya Gilla
Consultant General Medicine

Neck Shoulder Pain Solutions | Shoulder Muscle Pain

Dr. Ratnakar Rao Consultant
Joint Replacements and Arthroscopic Surgeon

Obesity Treatment

Dr. Krishnamohan. Y
Clinical Director,
Department of Minimal Access,
Metabolic. Bariatric & GI surgery

Born Kid Digestion Food Remedies

Dr. Aparna Vatsavayi
Consultant Pediatrician

Corona in Cancer Patients | Chemotherapy Treatment

Dr. Sainath Bhethanabhotla
Consultant Medical Oncologist &
Pediatric Hemato - Oncologist

Drive Away All Viruses on this Diwali

Dr. S A Rafi
Consultant Pulmonologist