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Liver is the largest and one of the most important organs in the human body. It is responsible for the optimal performance of several metabolic functions such as digestion of food, storage of vitamins, minerals, and sugars, removing toxins, manufacturing bile, and helping the body fight infection. Liver failure due to a disease or lifestyle choices (such as alcoholism) could be potentially life threatening. In such a condition, a doctor is likely to recommend screening for liver transplant. If the criteria for transplant are cleared and a matching donor liver found, a major surgery is undertaken to perform the transplant. The donor may be dead or living. In case of living donors, the portion of the liver donated regrows to its full size. After a transplant, the patient may be required to be on strong medication and closely monitored for a long time.

Scope of services provided by CIDDLT

  • Medical Services
  • Surgical Services

Medical Services

The main types of Medical Services are -

  • Fatty Liver
  • NASH
  • Hepatitis : viral, drug induced, ethanolic,
  • Cirrhosis
  • Upper GI Bleed
  • Lower GI Bleed
  • Medical/Surgical Jaundice
  • Acute liver failure (ALF) – Medical management (Plasmapheresis, CRRT)
  • Liver cancers (TACE, TARE, SBRT)
  • Budd Chiari syndrome / HVOTO (TIPS, DIPS)
  • ACLF (Acute on Chronic Liver Failure)
  • Chronic liver failure
  • Paediatric liver disorders

Surgical Services

The main types of Surgical Services are -

    HPB Surgery:

  • Hepatectomies for Liver cancer, bile duct cancer (cholangiocarcinoma) Radical cholecystectomy for Carcinoma gall bladder, surgery for hydatid cyst / benign liver tumours, Complex bile duct injuries and biliary strictures, surgery for pancreatic cancer (Whipple’s surgery with vascular reconstruction, distal pancreatectomy, central pancreatectomy), surgery for chronic pancreatitis (Frey’s, Beger’s, LPJ), shunt surgery for portal hypertension (EHPVO, NCPF), splenectomy
  • Advanced Gastrointestinal and Laparoscopic Surgeries:

  • Esophagectomy (Ca esophagus and for benign disorders of esophagus), surgery for Achalasia cardia, Reflux surgeries, Gastrectomy, All intestinal surgeries, surgery for IBD, colonic and rectal surgeries (Open and Lap), surgery for rectal prolapse
  • Liver Transplant:

  • Living donor Liver transplant
  • Cadaveric Liver transplant
  • Combined Liver & Kidney transplant
  • Paediatric Liver transplant
  • ABO-incompatible Liver transplant
  • Cadaveric Split Liver transplant r
  • Swap liver transplant
  • Dual Lobe liver transplant
  • Auxiliary liver transplant
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