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Healthy knees are necessary for balance and performing day-to-day activities. The knee joint can be damaged by injuries or arthritis. When nonsurgical remedies such as medications and physical therapy fail, a knee replacement surgery may be carried out as a safe option to relieve pain and deformity. The surgery involves the replacement of the damaged…more

One of the main reasons why people experience shoulder pain quite regularly is rotator cuff tear. Resulting from normal wear and tear, rotator cuff injury affects the rotator cuff (a group of tendons surrounding the shoulder) and causes continuous throbbing pain in the shoulder. The pain intensifies as and when the shoulder joint is compromised.…more

Knee osteoarthritis, which is a form of arthritis in the knee, is excruciatingly painful and can have a negative impact on daily life. People suffering from knee osteoarthritis have difficulty performing ordinary functions like climbing the steps and walking. Luckily, the pain can be cured by going in for a knee replacement surgery. What is…more

When treatment options including medication and physical therapy fail, surgery is the only option considered. A patient suffering from joint pain need joint replacement surgery in order to lead a more active life by eradicating the primary causes of the joint-pain. By definition, it is a surgical procedure in which the diseased or damaged parts…more